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Dear Parents,

We are proud to state that the current academic year has commenced at our new premises Near Tapovana, Dharwad. With all your co-operation and support we have been able to commence classes in new building having all amenities suitable for Pre-Primary and Primary education.

The name of the school Classic Little Buds is a pre-school which adopts Montessori method of education and Classic International Public School is for primary section which follows the pattern of ICSE Syllabus.

Montessori education is the method that respects the natural development of the child. When natural abilities of children are encouraged and allowed to flourish there is no limits to what they may become. Many of today's world leaders in politics, technology, media, arts, science, medicine and more began their journey in Montessori classroom. The Montessori system acknowledges each child as a unique individual and allows him/her to develop at his/her own pace. The system helps the children in their most crucial birth to six years by emphasized learning and focused refinement of vital senses (sight, smell, sound, touch and taste). You would soon experience the difference in your own child.

This school diary is meant to be used as a communication mode and shall carry messages from the teacher or school (notices) etc. Every evening you should carefully review this diary so that you are able to monitor what home assignments your child needs to complete at home. Kindly acknowledge every message received. If you co-operate in making this a daily exercise, your child will stand to benefit and it would make co-ordination better with the teacher as well. Should you have any question or comments, you may write your message in the school diary for reference of the Associate Pre-School.

We shall take all the required precautions, since each student's welfare and safety is the organization's top priority, yet the organization and the school authorities will not be held responsible in case of any inadvertent mishap/accident in the school premises as well as while commuting.

Medical science has proved that 90% brain patterns are developed by the age five and 50% adult intelligence is acquired by this age. Keeping in view the above mentioned fact we ensure that children are provided rich stimulants and nurturing environment aiming at holistic development of the tiny tots.

We are confident of success of your child and shall look forward to your feed back on the same.

With best wishes,

Laxman S. Uppar


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