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Parents Guidelines

  1. Read the rules and regulations of the school stated in the diary carefully..

  2. All the pages of the student's personal information are to be duly filled in and signed by the parent.

  3. Any change in the student's personal information should be furnished in writing to the school.

  4. All communication should be addressed to the Principal. Please mention the name, roll number, class and section of the child.

  5. Ensure that your child attends school regularly.

  6. Check the assignment books and the diary daily. Note the details and respond to the remarks of the teacher. Duly sign the diary in acknowledgement.

  7. A personal Identity Card and will be issued to every student. Students must wear the personal ID card everyday to school. On loss of the ID Cards, a duplicate will be issued on a payment of Rs..100 within a fortnight.

  8. Attend all the Parent-Teacher Meetings and take interest in the school activities.

  9. Do not meet the teachers in the classroom during class hours. In case of an emergency, contact the Principal.

  10. Teachers teaching in Classic International are not allowed to take private tuitions for students studying in the school.

  11. In case of damage to any school property due to carelessness or negligence of any student, the parent of the concerned student will have to bear the cost of replacement of equipment/property so damaged, individually or collectively.

  12. This institution is unaided. To provide better facilities the fee structure is liable to be revised from time to time.

  13. While the management is always conscious of taking safety precautions, the parents should understand that there are things that can go wrong even in the best run institutions. Thereby, the parents/guardians should entrust their children/wards with the school staff at their own risk and the management will at time be liable for any mishap or accidents.

  14. The rules and regulations as stated in the diary and the practices adopted by the school are subject to change without any prior notice or intimation.

  15. The decision of the Management shall be final and binding in all matters.

  16. Request for Study Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Bonafide Certificate etc., should be given in writing, which will be issued after a week.

  17. The school will not be responsible for students who are in the school premises before and after school working hours.

  18. Students who come to school with escorts must not leave the school until the escorts arrive. In case of delay, they may inform the school office.

  19. Criticism of teacher in child's presence should be avoided, as it makes the student lose respect for his/her teacher. If you have a legitimate complaint, please contact the authorities.



Notice of withdrawal should be given in writing one month in advance. Such a request/notice should be given by the parents/guardians and not by student himself/herself.


If your child/ward is not making the desired progress, the authorities should be contacted. Private Tuition must be strongly avoided and discouraged at all levels.


The school does not take responsibility for any private transport. Parents desiring to avail the school bus/van should confirm the route from the school office. Bus / Van fare is subject to change according to distance.

Note: Fees once paid will not be refunded. Even if the transport is availed for one day, charges for the full month will be payable.


Dear Parents kindly note that vehicle service has to be provided in very short time (45 mins to 1 hour) without affecting the school timing. It is very difficult to maintain the schedule of pickup and drop. We are trying hard to give our best service. But it is only possible with your co-operation and co-ordination. In this regard we request you to follow the following instructions..

  1. Child must be ready five minutes before the vehicle arrives to your house and should stand outside the gate or at the pickup/drop point given to you. If the child is not ready at the time of vehicle arrival, the driver does not wait to pick the child. Because it affects all pickup schedule.

  2. You should keep your door or gate open when your child is about to reach the house from school and you should be ready to take your child.

  3. You should always maintain good relation with vehicle staff. Please do not scold with bad words. If you find any inconvenience / problem inform the management immediately.

  4. If you have any problem regarding vehicle service kindly call the vehicle In charge- 8197049784 or visit the school personally.

  5. Vehicle fee must be paid at a time or in two installments only. 1st installment June to October and 2nd installment November to March. Always get the receipt for the payment.

  6. Prior information should be given to the vehicle staff when the child is going to be absent and on the day you need the vehicle service

  7. In case you are not at home when child is about to reach home, please inform the driver in advance.

  8. Please keep your child's driver and helper's contact number.

  9. All the students should obey the respective staff, monitor, helper, the driver and conductor of their buses.

  10. Do not get in/ get down the bus while it is moving or at the signals/Crossings etc.

For any further information or other issues contact:

  9902043353, 8197049780/ 81, 0836-2775791

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